How can I stay motivated to exercise?

Motivation is something that comes and goes. It’s human nature that when we start a new project, hobby or exercise regime, motivation is at an all time high so getting going is not an issue… You’ve got the new workout gear, done a grocery list for your meal plan and are ready for the new you! Whether you’ve done one workout or a months worth, it’s inevitable, suddenly getting yourself moving each day just feels harder. Before you know it, it’s been days since you exercised and any momentum you’d built up is lost.

In short - you can’t stay motivated to exercise all the time! Good Personal Trainers will tell you this. Of course it helps, but it doesn’t matter if you are motivated or not. Good Personal Trainers will tell you what matters is that you just get it done! Exercise needs to become habitual. While there is no ‘best’ time to exercise, making it habitual and part of your routine, can require doing it at a similar time each day. Just like brushing your teeth. It’s something that needs to be done and is not reliant on you being motivated to do so.

So instead of giving you tips to stay motivated (which in itself is unrealistic), while you are working towards making your exercise habitual, remind yourself of your why and focus on the feelings of that can come after exercise:

  • Weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Toning
  • Clothing sitting better
  • More energy
  • Increased flexibility

Set yourself up to make your exercise habitual with the aim of getting yourself moving as routine as brushing your teeth. Whatever you do though, don’t just sit there waiting for motivation as it may never happen!