Annabella Gutman - Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to get fit? It's time for a 4 week fitness challenge! Get ready to have fun, while your workout.

What You Get:

  • 4 week fitness program, designed by one of Australia's leading fitness coaches
  • Access into a private facebook group, exclusive for challenge members - where you'll get support, advice and friendships.
  • The chance to workout with Annabella Gutman.
  • BONUSES: we're going to be adding heaps of bonuses, exclusively for people in the challenge.

Current Bonuses:

  • Get Fit & Funded - The chance to pitch your business to Annabella Gutman while you workout.
  • Martial Arts Coach will give a live coaching session for challenge members in the facebook group.
  • plus more! (just working on the minor details)

Who is Annabella Gutman?

Annabella is a professional actress, experienced model, and worldwide brand ambassador. Born and raised in Israel, she's been in the entertainment industry since the age of 12.

Being an active sports enthusiast, she participates in soccer, basketball, running, and cycling. She's proficient in various martial arts forms, particularly kickboxing and well versed in comedy, drama, and action genres and can do many accents.

Annabella has also had the opportunity to produce a few short films, as well as some features. She had the honor of being crowned Ms. Los Angeles United States and proudly carried the title for two years.

Who Created the Program?

One of Australia's best online fitness coaches, Jodie Walker, has created a unique 4 week fitness program that anyone can do, anywhere. This program has been created for everyone in mind. You don't need any equipment (resistance bands will help but are not required) or a gym membership.

Sign Up Before the Price Goes Up

Every day, the price of the challenge is going to increase. We have unbelievable bonuses and as we add more and get closer to launch (June 1st) the entry prize will go up. So make sure you sign up before this happens! We want you to get the most value and pay the lowest amount possible.

No matter what you pay, you'll get SO MUCH value from this challenge, so you will be winner no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need Any Gym Equipment?

You don’t need any weights or equipment to start. The moves are quite basic, so this is great for all levels. This challenge has been designed to do anywhere. In your house, at the park or a gym.