About Us

Empowering the global fitness community by enabling you to effortlessly connect with each other

Onekeelo is an online platform that connects people with expert personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, yoga teachers, nutritionists and other professionals to achieve their fitness goals. No matter what the goal is, we’ve got them covered.


Through our platform, we aim to connect millions of people who want to get fitter, faster and stronger with the right fitness experts, while creating economic opportunities for workers in the fitness industry across the globe to help them pursue their passion and earn a sustainable income.


A coach for every purpose

From strength training, fat loss, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, yoga to sport-specific strength and conditioning, Onekeelo helps you find the right coach to become a better version of yourself.


It’s perfectly alright if you prefer a fun Zumba-style approach for fitness or if you’re a hardcore fan of the Smith machine who wants to be the next Arnold. We’re committed to helping you find the best coach for your goals.


(Can’t find a coach for your needs? Let us know and we’ll hunt them down for you.)


Fitness that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

We believe that fitness should be affordable and easy to access. You can instantly download the carefully designed programs by our coaches for all your fitness goals. No recurring subscriptions that add up without you even realising it.


Or if you want your workout and nutrition plan to be tailored for you, our coaches create fully personalised plans that can be periodically modified to align with your progress and goals.


Your location should never be a barrier

When it comes to working with the right coach, we believe that your location should never restrict you. It shouldn’t matter if you’re located in New York and your coach is halfway across the world in Paris. Onekeelo empowers coaches to build a sustainable online business and clients to connect with the right coaches.


Fitness that complements your vibe

A coach. A friend. A partner. Through Onekeelo, we help you find the right coach who’s not only an expert in what they do but also someone who matches your vibe and is compatible with your style of training.


Maybe you need a bada*s coach who will push you to the limits. Or maybe you’re looking for someone fun and easy to get along with. Onekeelo helps you find a coach with a personality that suits you the best.

why Onekeelo works

  • 24 hour Access

  • Workout the way
    you want

  • unlimited access to the
    best trainers & programs

  • Personal Trainers
    in your pocket

  • Coaches who specialise
    in what you want

  • Compare trainers &
    coaches in the one place

How does onekeelo work?

Check out the video below to see how Onekeelo can help
you achieve your fitness goals.

Find a Coach

We have coaches from all over the world waiting to work with you.


Get in touch with any of our coaches by sending them a message.

Get to Work

Your preferred coach will make recommendations on how to train.

Meet some of the coaches

Discover the story behind some of the great people who
can help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Kate Holden

Personal Trainer

5 stars

  • Weight Loss
  • Boxing
  • Strength & Conditioning

Kate is a motivated trainer who is committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness and life goals!

Jodie Walker

Online Coach

5 stars

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Core Strength

The human body fascinates me which is why I’ve spent over a decade studying how it works. My goal for you is to also learn to understand how your body works as you go about the process of transforming it.

Elka Pettifer

Personal Trainer

5 stars

  • Pilates
  • Functional Training
  • Older Adults

Elka Pettifer dedicates her life to helping others achieve their dreams in life through Health & Fitness & Holistic Wellness.

Matt Adams

Personal Trainer

5 stars

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength & Conditioning

I am a passionate and knowledgeable Personal Trainer that is dedicated to getting you results. This means going back to basics and that starts with a Bio Signature Assessment.


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